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Visitor Visa

Documents Particulars
Passports * The Applicant should have a passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of application.
Photographs * Two passport-size photographs
Covering Letter * A covering letter from the Applicant addressing  The Visa Officer, Embassy of Sudan 
* The Covering Letter should brief the profile of the applicants and the purpose of travel with travel dates
* Covering Letter can be on a plain paper for individuals and on the company letterhead for officials / sponsored applicants
Bank Statements * Original6 months personal and company's bank statements with the seal and signature from the bank. 
* Bank statements should be of a closing date closer to the date of visa application (A4 size preferred)
IT Returns * Latest 3 years  Income Tax Acknowledgement / ITR-V  (Saral) of individuals and the company
Itinerary / Air tickets * Return air tickets with all internal flight/train tickets if any
Purpose of Travel / Accommodation * The sponsor you intend to visit in Sudan should obtain approval from the Ministry of Interior and then send it to the Ministry of External Affairs of Sudan, who in turn will fax the same direct to the Embassy.
*A Recommendation Letter from the Chamber of Commerce in India for business visits. 
*Submission of Official Health Certificate for AIDS and Ebola and valid international certificate of Vaccination against Cholera, etc
*A yellow fever vaccination certificate is required from travellers over 1 year of age.
Supporting Credentials Businessmen:
* Proprietorship certificate / Certificate of Registration / Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association / PartnershipDeed 
* NOC from other partners or Directors in case of partnership 
* Leave sanction letter from the company (from the Government body in case of Government employees / public servants)
* Last 3 months Salary Statements (only for Private firms)
* Company ID card (optional)
* Retirement Certificate or Letter / Copy of Pension Book (for retired employees)
Leave sanction letter from the educational institution (for travel during working days)
Bonafide Certificate from the educational institution (for travel during vacations)
* School/ College ID card (optional)
Newly Wed / Honeymooners (if the spouse's name is not endorsed in their passports):
* Marriage Certificate (Original)
* Wedding Invitation card / Photographs (in case the marriage certificate is not ready)
Children travelling and unaccompanied by both the parents / either parent
* A notary attested NOC on a stamp paper from both / either of the parent respectively if both/either of them unaccompany
* Passport copies/copy of both / either of the parents
Travellers unaccompanied by spouses/partners
* A notary attested NOC on a stamp paper from the unaccompanied spouse 
* Passport copy of the unaccompanied spouse. If not a passport holder, any Govt ID Proof mentioning spouse name can be submitted. 
Additional supporting documents if available
* FD Receipts from banks
* Public shares/debentures certificate
* Asset evaluation report from a CA
Disclaimers * The above list of documents are the standard requirements for the visa application. The Embassy / Consulate/ High Commission/ Application Centres hold the rights to demand further documents for verification.
* The Embassy / Consulate / High Commission hold the rights to call the applicant for a Personal Interview if needed
* BPVS offers Visa Facilitation services to our customers against a Service Fee
* BPVS at no stage guarantees the outcome of any visa application. The decisions on the Visa applications would be at the sole discretion of the respective Embassy/ Consulate / High Commission

Visa Application Centres and Embassy Information

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